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Investment Performance Reports
To help you track the performance of the investment options available to you in the Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans, the Board of Trustees provides you with an Investment Performance Report both monthly and quarterly. The quarterly reports, which provide average annual returns, are sent to you with your account statements four times a year. You may call the Maryland Supplemental Retirement Agency at 410-767-8740 or 1-800-543-5605 or the Baltimore Nationwide Retirement Solutions office at 443-886-9402 or 1-800-545-4730 at any time to request the most recent reports.

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Contractual Employee MSRP Enrollment Fact Sheet
Did you know that Contractual Employees are allowed to enroll in MSRP?  Click here to learn why Contractual Employees should join and explanations for the "what ifs" that Contractual Employees face!

MSRP Enrollment Kit
The MSRP Basics and MSRP Enrollment Kit are a valuable source of information on the supplemetal retirement plans. It
covers basic information including eligibility, fees and services as well as ways to receive your money. The Spectrum of Investment Options Booklet provides a description of each investment option in the plans.

The Basics, 2017 Edition
Pretax Plan Comparison Chart
EZ Step by Step Enrollment Form
Spectrum of Investment Options

Stretching Your Dollars
MSRP offers this guide to Good Money Habits to help manage your hard earned dollars! Some workers are having a hard time making ends meet due to the challenges posed by furloughs, lack of pay increases and possibly lost income from a spouse's layoff or pay cut. A large amount of debt is another challenge many employees face. This guide offers tips on getting your finances organized, setting goals, using credit wisely, spending less, saving more and where to get help if needed. Click here to access this helpful guide.

"NOTICE: The Match has been suspended. There will be no employer matching payments to a participant's 401(a) account until authorized and budgeted."

MSRP introduces ROTH Contribution Options
If you have considered the possibility of a tax diversification strategy for your retirement investing, then MSRP now offers a welcome opportunity. Until April 2011, your contribution to MSRP was always "before taxes". This is the traditional approach-investing the whole dollar from your gross earnings instead of from your lesser take-home pay. Tax-deferred, or "before tax", MSRP accounts still offer the benefit of maximizing long-term growth potential, with your income tax paid only on the amount withdrawn later-in retirement. But now, beginning April 11, 2011, you have a new choice for your MSRP contribution: BEFORE TAXES? or AFTER TAXES?
You can choose to make some or all of your contributions into the 457(b) plan and/or 401(k) plan after taxes by selecting the new Roth contribution option. You may later withdraw those Roth accounts in retirement with no taxes due. Read more information on the ROTH Highlights flyer.

o Estimate the possible benefits of Roth after-tax contributions now and tax-free withdrawals later on the Roth Retirement Plan Analyzer

o Make a Roth contribution change on-line at , login to your account, select on the left side "Contribution Change" and then select on the left which plan to change, and then follow the instructions.

o Make a Roth contribution change on paper by completing an enrollment form-Participation Agreement-downloaded from , select the top Tab "Forms" and then click on "Enroll by paper", print the form on legal (8 X 14) paper on your own printer, fill out and sign in ink, and sent the form to the address on the bottom of the form.
o Call Team MSRP for more information, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., at 1-800-545-4730.

MSRP Investment Policy
The MSRP Investment policy document sets the current guidelines followed by the Board of Trustees and Advisors in selecting, monitoring, replacing and closing the investment options offered MSRP participants. This document is updated annually. (Note: see also the separate Investment Contract Pool (ICP) Investment Policy, link to ICP Information page below, setting additional guidelines for that investment option.). To download the full document click the following link. (01/30/2020)

T. Rowe Price Target Retirement Funds
T. Rowe Price Target Retirement Funds are one-step portfolios comprised of various T. Rowe Price mutual funds offering instant diversification into stocks and bonds, as well as automatically shift to a more conservative blend as you near your target retirement date.

In a target-retirement fund, professionals decide what percentage of your money belongs in stocks and what percentage should go into bonds and cash. The professional money managers also allocate your money between large-company stocks and small-company stocks, between foreign and U.S. stocks and between growth and value stocks using T. Rowe Price Mutual funds. Most important, as you get closer to retirement, the funds adjust, gradually raising their allocation to lower-risk bonds and cash.

Target-retirement funds allow people who know they should be saving for retirement but know little or nothing about investing -- and lack the time and energy to learn -- to invest in funds that allocate their money automatically among stocks, bonds and cash.
T. Rowe Price Fact Sheets

Active or Passive Managed Investment Options
MSRP Investors who choose the traditional approach of determining their own investor profile and asset allocation plan may now implement their investment strategy using either active and/or passive investment managed options.

Active funds may appeal to investors who prefer to take an active role in their investment selection and enjoy picking and choosing individual funds and fund managers to create a diversified portfolio.

Passive funds may appeal to investors who are looking for mutual funds that normally carry lower than average investment fees and track the markets per their selected index to create a diversified portfolio. Of course, participants may mix and match active and passive investment options and the target-date retirement funds.

Responsible Investing Option
This option provides MSRP participants the opportunity to invest in a fund that weighs positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of companies, and excludes certain sectors perceived to pose long-term risk or are deemed to have a negative impact on society. Follow this link for more information on Responsible Investment.

Bond Investments
About Bond Investing-- When you need money you might apply for a loan. When companies and governments need money they often issue bonds-loans that can be purchased for investment. Bond funds are mutual funds of bonds, a group of bonds purchased as one fund. Bond funds typically deliver higher returns than CDs, money market funds, and bank accounts, but may have higher expense ratios than a comparable stock mutual fund. As with any investment, bond funds are subject to a number of investment risks including credit risk, interest rate risk, and prepayment risk. Diversifying - or spreading - your risk across a broad range of asset classes can help reduce your overall risk of investment losses.

The Investment Contract Pool (ICP)
The ICP is a portfolio of investment contracts placed with qualified fixed income managers/underwriters and insurance companies. Some contracts have a fixed rate of interest for the length of the contract while others reset the rate of interest on a regular basis. The interest rate is based on earnings of underlying investments at that time. Accounts are credited with a monthly blended rate. The ICP is available for MSRP participants in the 457, 401(k) and 401(a) plans only.
For additional information about the ICP management, operation, interest rates, performance and background please select the ICP Information Page link.

Asset Rebalancing Service for your MSRP account
Starting in 2010, we offer a Asset Rebalancing option for your Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans account(s). Once you request to activate it, this optional service will evaluate your fund portfolio from the accounts [e.g., 457, 401(a), etc.] and the money sources [e.g., rollovers in, transfers in, Roth balances, etc.] you select. All current and future money contributed to the plan through the accounts, money sources, and funds you specified will be considered when the service conducts its evaluation. There is no additional fee for this optional service. Your account(s) will be evaluated on the same date every three months, and if necessary, rebalanced to the levels you select. For example, if you activate the service on August 20, your account will be evaluated and rebalanced quarterly on November 20, February 20 and May 20, or on the first market date thereafter. You may adjust your investment elections at any time, but the service follows MSRP rules and the funds that are offered through the Plans. Thus, short-term, purchase block and fixed account trade restrictions apply, and may affect how an account is rebalanced. To learn more or activate the service, call a Team MSRP Representative Specialist at 1-877-350-0303.

Mutual Fund Locator
You can use Abbreviations to find the daily prices of your mutual funds on the statement or in the financial section of newspapers. Click here to download.

MSRP Mutual Fund Savings & Expense Ratios
Explains how the MSRP Mutual Fund Savings & Expense Ratios operates Click here to access file.

MSRP Mutual Fund Savings Program Booklet

Explains how the MSRP Mutual Fund Savings Program works Mutual Fund Savings Program.

Mutual Fund Prospectuses
For prospectuses on the mutual funds go to , select "Investment Info" and look for the prospectuses link on the left or please call the Nationwide Retirement Solutions Maryland office at 443-886-9402 or 1-800-966-6355. You should always consult a prospectus before investing.

How to Enroll or Make Changes to your Account
To Enroll, Make Investment Option Exchanges, Make Allocation Changes, or to Change Your Contribution Amount, call the Nationwide Retirement Solutions Customer Service Center at 1-800-545-4730 or visit Nationwide Retirement Solutions's web site at